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Wonder Woman

Patty Jenkins's Wonder Woman is the best superhero movie since Sam Raimi's first two entries in the Spider-Man franchise (2002, 2004) and Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy (2005'“2012), although the film to which it harkens back with the most relevance is Richard Donner's Superman (1978). Like that film, Wonder Woman is an exuberant fantasy with a genuine conscience that stands apart from so many other similar films in its willingness to embrace goodness, decency, and an unironic belief in the power of love. Like Christopher Reeve's decidedly human and humane Man of Steel (as clear a Christ figure as has ever graced the silver screen), Gal Gadot's superpowered Amazon searches for the inherent goodness among mortals and finds that the results are decidedly mixed: There is good, but there is also a whole lot of evil, and she utilizes her heightened physicality and moral understanding as a catalyst for betterment, rather than for grandstanding superiority (a lesson a lot of people in power these days would do well to heed).

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