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Qnetwork was developed by Jeff Gold and was launched in 1998. The original URL for Qnetwork was Q.com however a lucrative offer for the domain name was taken up by Jeff, who switched the site to www.Qnetwork.com. In 1998 Jeff also launched the 100.com search engine. Both these sites were sold to Globetrotting Media, associated with the Big News Network news agency in 2002. 100.com was relaunched in 2004 with the theme that it delivers the top 100 search results for any and every search term submitted. This produced a faster, more relevant result for searchers as opposed to conventional search engines that returned tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of results, and even into the millions. 100.com garnered results from its own sources as well as other mainstream search engines. The site also provided an extensive news service covering breaking news as well as stories from various geographic locations worldwide.

In 2013, following the sale of the 100.com domain name, Globetrotting Media planned to merge the 100.com search platform and the Qnetwork entertainment portal. While this was done, the combined site was not re-launched until December 2016, and at that stage it was still a work-in-progress.

The anchor feature of the new Qnetwork is the library of movie reviews by eminent reviewer James Kendrick, who remains exclusively contracted to Qnetwork to continue reviewing the latest releases for display on the portal. James has been reviewing movies for Qnetwork since 1998 and has built up a portfolio of more than 2,500 reviews, all of which can be accessed at Qnetwork. Many of the latest reviews are also featured on Midwest Radio Network’s eNewspapers by arrangement with Qnetwork.

News is powered on the portal by the Big News Network news agency.

Corporate details:

Globetrotting Media
C/- Big News Network News Agency
PO Box 502068
Dubai, UAE

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James Kendrick

James Kendrick offers, exclusively on Qnetwork, over 2,500 reviews on a wide range of films. All films have a star rating and you can search in a variety of ways for the type of movie you want. If you're just looking for a good movie, then feel free to browse our library of Movie Reviews.

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